Alfa pictures

This was my Alfa Romeo 156 2.0TS.
i can be conted through

I bought it and done all the work to it.
It was originally RED. and standard.

It was resprayed in Lotus orange with more Gold pearl added.
after nearly 18 months, the colour did fade slightly, which was an issue when i came
to get a scratch repaired. some F**ker keyed it on the rear drivers side.

I imported the front bumper from Italy, with carbon front splitter.
I bought the rear spoiler and rear corner spliiters,
and ll this was fitted and painted and the same time as the car having a full respray.

The weels are Borbet 18"
It rides on standard suspension, as not to cause any rubbage.

The windows are tinted by tintworks in Torquay.
I fitted a HID convertion kit = :-)

I owned the car about 2 years, and loved the car, only sold it because i was doing more miles in
it and the petrol was too exspensive.

It was a great car, if you have never owned a Alfa Romeo, Go for it!
But, now, i would say JAP and German are far superior!

But the price you can pick these cars up for, its quality. specially with the right trim.
Though repair/servicing can be quite exspensive!!

The boot install was done by myself, not the best, but my first attempt, and i did
work for Halfords at the time. I only used quaility components.
Fuel 3 Ohm Subs, the Vibe mono amp was recomended by VIBE for those Subs.
I got a good deal on the amp and Vibe twin sub box by buying direct.

Befor i had done the boot install, the car did have a rear ender, some
polish guy went into the back of me, and some one into the back of him.
Luckily, i was at the fron of all this, so it wasnt my fault, and was fully comp,
so the car got fixed, (see pictures)

Well, hope that bit of history helps some of you looking to buy the car,
i see its currently up for sale.
Any other questions about the car, contact me through
Would be great to get some recent phoos on the car.
I will add them on here if i get some. Just to follow the cars life. :-)

Below are some pictures of the car while i owned it, most are in order,

All this pictures on this website were taken by myself, and are copyright,
any unauthorised use will result in legal action.

Car, Originaly when i bought it.

Then Respray stage.

Front bumper from italy.
Carbon splitter
Rear spoiler
rear corner splitters

Fews days after getting back from the bodyshop. Nice & Shiny.
Now time for some Alloys!!

Group buy on the alfa forum, Aluminium undertray. The plastic trays always break.

I think i got a powerflow special. looked alright, sounded normal. fitted the gap well.

Alloys Fitted, Borbet 18" with Yoko tyres.

Some artistic photography

Part build of the boot install.

South West Motor SHow june 2008 ?

Original Momo leather Interior. :)

Taken at Slapton Beach, Devon.

HID's Fitted,

Boot Install

Orange modified alfa romeo 156 twinspark

Undercar Multicolour LED's - Think this was one of only twice i used them, lol.

Orange modified alfa romeo 156 twinspark

Orange modified alfa romeo 156 twinspark